About us



Milk is our passion.

Since our foundation in 1889 in Rosendahl we leave nothing to chance. Our ambition is the development and production of best milk mix drinks. Using selected ingredients we make unique and innovative milk creations: from the classic milk mix drink and delicious coffee specialties to powerful protein drinks. We are naturally inspired every day and put our hearts and souls into our goal to make more from milk.


Deep-rooted and at home anywhere in the world.

For generations, our home has been in the heart of the Münsterland. Home, for us, is more than just a feeling – home is a taste, too. The biggest flavour carrier in our unique product variety is the best milk. We are proud of our origin and want to carry a piece of our home out into the world with each of our products. That is why every single one of our milk mix drinks contains a lot of care and our main ingredient: love.


Our promise to pure indulgence.

Quality does not equal quality. Production processes based on the newest research and the use of high-quality ingredients make all the difference. Numerous prizes and awards are the result of constantly high quality standards. We line up every day to live up to our customers’ wishes and to fulfil our standards at the same time. As we only want to produce the best of the good, our products are the result of careful work.


Looking in the same direction together.

People learn from people. 130 years of company history have shaped us immensely. Our constant success lives on real relationships with customers, partners and employees. Here, we draw from longstanding tradition and experience. This way, we grow and develop constantly. Always in search of the pioneering innovation of tomorrow.