Corporate structure

Guidelines for Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH

1. The content, purpose and objectives of the guidelines

Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH sees itself as a medium-sized company, integrated into the structures of the Münsterland region, which produces and sells valuable and healthy food.


Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH offers optimum benefits with its products and services. Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH has committed itself and its shareholders to profit-oriented action. This is to serve the creation and expansion of performance, as well as the growth of the company.


The guidelines formulate the common values and principles of the company Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH. The formulation of these guidelines is linked to the standards for ethical conduct, which apply without restriction to the management as well as to every employee at Münsterland J. Lülf. Violations of labor law will be punished accordingly.


Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH considers itself responsible for ensuring responsible entrepreneurial trade throughout the supply chain and in all other business relationships. The company is committed to complying with the OECD Guidelines for Compliance and Due Diligence for Responsible Business and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

2. Scope

The guidelines apply to all persons who are directly employed by Münsterland J. Lülf:

  • Managing directors
  • authorised signatories
  • team and department managers
  • employees

Leaders have a special responsibility to internalise the guidelines and to set an example. Respect and deference to leadership positions are indispensable behaviours for a well-ordered organisation.

3. Respect for social norms and compliance with laws

In conducting its business, Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH not only complies with the applicable laws, but also observes social rules and norms as well as cultural particularities with respect and courtesy. Every employee is aware that failure to observe social norms or cultural peculiarities constitutes a violation of the principles of equality and equity and damages the reputation of Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH.

4. Unfair business practices, gifts and other benefits

Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH does not tolerate any form of acceptance of advantages, granting of advantages and bribery or corruption. Even actions aimed at initiating business transactions by unfair means violate the guidelines.

5. Dealing with customers

Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH understands and treats customers as partners, as customers are the basis of economic trade. Our endeavour is to fulfil customer wishes effectively and in the interests of the customer. Accordingly, the employees of Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH approach every customer politely, openly respectfully and with a recognisable interest in the matter at hand.

6. Dealing with suppliers and forwarding agents

Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH also sees itself as a partner in the cooperation with suppliers and forwarding agents. Respect and politeness, as well as recognisable interest in the concerns of suppliers and forwarding agents are a high priority.

7. Dealing with employees and social partners

In everyday working life, too, respect for colleagues and fellow human beings is the top priority in every situation. Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH does not tolerate any form of discrimination against employees of its own company or against customers or business partners, whether on the basis of age, gender, appearance, ethnic origin, disabilities, religion, sexual orientation, political stance or trade union involvement.


Harassment, insults, intimidation, threats and discrimination will be prosecuted and punished without exception. To this end, Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH will cooperate openly and trustingly with the democratically legitimized employee representation, always conduct a constructive dialog and strive for a fair balance of interests. In keeping with the food safety culture and the needs of the employees, a “complaint box” has been installed at the gate. This allows employees to contact the food safety culture team / management anonymously.


Professional development of employees is a special concern and in the interest of employees and Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH. Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH demands and expects interest and commitment in professional development from its employees and will also support this in a meaningful way.

8. Working conditions

Safety in general, the prevention of occupational accidents of employees is the top priority at Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH.


Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH is committed to complying with applicable law and to maintaining and promoting the health, well-being and safety of our employees, contractors, temporary workers and visitors. The scope includes occupational health and safety, fire protection, working conditions, human and employee rights.


All operations are monitored through hazard identification and risk assessment with the aim of continuously improving health and safety measures.

9. Qualität

Consistently high quality of our products and services is the basis of our company’s success.


Manufacturing processes and production facilities in line with the latest findings guarantee the competent processing of high-quality raw materials into high-quality food products for trade and end consumers.


Exemplary production know-how, high quality standards that are constantly being further developed, high innovative strength and, last but not least, entrepreneurial flexibility characterise the constant development of the company and its products. The performance-motivated and well-trained employees in all departments of the company play a decisive role in this.


The constant guarantee of quality standards and the permanent work on quality improvements as well as the quality awareness of all employees is a management task, but also the task of every employee.

10. Quality management

The application of our hygiene standards and our HACCP system ensure that all organisational, commercial and technical activities relevant to quality, food safety and hygiene are planned, controlled and monitored in order to meet internal and external requirements. Compliance with product requirements (incl. product safety, product quality, product legality, procedures and specifications) are the benchmark and basis for the process and quality assurance. For this reason, the company is certified according to the IFS Food Standard. The same applies to customers’ ethnic requirements, as with Kosher or Halal certified products.

11. Environment and sustainability

In addition to the consumption of resources such as energy and water, our main environmentally relevant activities are the production-related generation of emissions, waste water and waste as well as the transport of our products to the customer, whereby we reduce the impact on the environment by optimising the internal material cycles.


Our goal is to,

  • manufacture our products safely, in perfect quality and in an environmentally sound manner.
  • operate our facilities in a way that avoids environmental pollution and hazards to the public and the environment.sparsam mit Energie, Wasser und
  • raw materials with special consideration of the material cycles.

We also feel a responsibility to protect the environment and fair trade by increasing the use of sustainably grown and certified raw materials. For this reason, the company is Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade and organic certified.


Münsterland J. Lülf GmbH strives to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics. We value the safety and respect of all those affected by our business. Therefore, we offer an anonymous whistleblower channel where anyone can report misconduct on our part – activities that are not in line with our values, ethical principles and Supplier Code of Conduct.

When can I use the whistleblowing service?

Our whistleblowing service is an early warning system to mitigate risk. It is an important tool to promote high ethical standards and maintain customer and public confidence in us. First and foremost, we encourage you to contact your business partner at Münsterland or a manager responsible for the issue you wish to report. If you feel that you cannot be open with your information, we offer you the opportunity to report your concern anonymously. You do not need proof of your suspicions, but all reports must be made in good faith. Please note that this service is not intended for customer or consumer feedback on products and services.


We encourage Munsterland staff to use the internal whistleblower channel in the first instance.


Your message will be treated securely and confidentially.

How do I submit an anonymous message?

You can easily and securely submit your message by following the link below.


You will then receive all necessary instructions and explanations within the digital whistleblower system.