Sustainability has been a central part of our company philosophy for many years and serves as the benchmark for all our thinking and actions. This means that we have a significant responsibility towards our environment and society. Therefore, we strive to produce our products in the most resource-efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. Additionally, we commit to operating our facilities in a manner that avoids environmental impact and hazards to people and the environment.

Why Aluminium?


The aluminium can is much better than its reputation. In fact, aluminium is a highly sustainable packaging material due to its high recyclability. Over 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in circulation today. In less than 60 days, the can goes from return to the shelf (or webshop) through the recycling process. Aluminium recycling is a resource-efficient and straightforward process that requires 95% less energy compared to primary metal production. One factor for this is that aluminium has a low melting point, resulting in lower energy consumption.

By using aluminium cans for our products, we thus contribute to the circular economy and provide our customers with a robust and lightweight packaging solution.

For the environment and health: Glass as packaging.



We have always relied on glass as packaging for our beverages. For good reason: glass is recyclable, hygienic, impermeable to air, and guarantees a  pure and unadulterated taste. Equally important, compared to conventional PET packaging, glass is harmless to health – no plastic molecules can migrate into the beverage.

Our Seals and Certificates

Simply obvious: Regional quality



The Münsterland Seal underlines our close ties to our home region. It represents the verified origin of our products. This benefits the region and is both environmentally friendly and consumer-friendly. The best from Münsterland – with inherent values that our customers can trust 100%.

ÖKOPROFIT® Company District of Coesfeld 2023




We participated in the ÖKOPROFIT® project last year and were awarded the title of ÖKOPROFIT® Company District of Coesfeld 2023 for out commitment and efforts during the project year. Throughout the project, we received individual guidance from experts and attended workshops on sustainable business practices. Together, we developed various measures to reduce the consumption of resources and cut operating costs.

Some of the measures included implementing an environmental management system, transitioning to more sustainable lighting solutions, and installing a new air compressor. In the upcoming year, we also plan to expand our use of alternative energy sources and install our own photovoltaic system.




Products labeled with the Fairtrade Certified Ingredients seal are cultivated and traded according to the international standards set by Fairtrade International. Münsterland offers products with Fairtrade-certified cocoa and/or coffee. The Fairtrade cocoa can be mixed with non-certified cocoa through mass balance. The Fairtrade coffee is always physically traceable.


The Fairtrade standards encompass various aspects, including:

  • Social: This includes, among other things, strengthening small-scale farmers, promoting regulated working conditions, and prohibiting exploitative child labour and discrimination.
  • Environmental: This involves environmentally friendly cultivation practices, protection of natural resources, prohibition of hazardous pesticides and the promotion of organic farming.
  • Economic: Traders and manufacturers commit to paying Fairtrade minimum prices, providing a Fairtrade premium, ensuring traceability of goods and financial flows, and fostering transparent trade relationships.
  • Human Rights: This concern the observance of ILO conventions and UN declarations. It involves improving areas such as child labour, women’s rights, working conditions and safety, and wages.


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„too good to go”




Münsterland offers surplus food and products with a short expiration date through the platform “too good to go“. This enables us to save some food items from being disposed of, which would otherwise be thrown away. This initiative is not only beneficial for the business but also for the environment.

Food bank




At Münsterland, we cooperate with local food banks and regularly donate to these charitable aid organisations. This enables us to acitvely support individuals in need and, simultaneously, avoid the wastage of valuable food resources.

Metal recycles forever



As participants in the Europe-wide industry initiative, we highlight our dedication to utilising aluminium packaging materials. These materials can be recycled endlessly without compromising quality, actively contributing to a resource-efficient circular economy. For more information, please visit



Rainforest Alliance




The Rainforest Alliance seal represents a better future for both humanity and nature. Those who indulge in our Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa and coffee creations are supporting farmers who prioritise the well-being of their workers and the protection of our natural resources.


This translates into concrete actions:


  • Forests and Biodiversity: Promoting more sustainable land management practices to preserve forests, biodiversity, and natural resources.
  • Climate: Educating farmers in improved cultivation methods and climate-conscious agriculture, aiding adaptation to and protection against climate change
  • Livelihoods: Contributing to lifting rural populations out of poverty by enhancing the income situation of farmers, agricultural workers, and their families
  • Human Rights: Combating human rights violations such as child and forced labor, low wages, poor working conditions, and gender inequality.

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