Glass – filling the best with the best

There is a reason we have used glass for our bottling from the beginning. Glass offers the best product protection, is sanitary, airtight and keeps the pure taste of our products without changing it. Compared to PET bottles, glass is hygienically unproblematic. From glass, no plastic molecules can merge with the drink and harm us.

Our daily responsibility – sustainability

Day by day we produce unique milk creations and make more of the best milk with selected ingredients. Our daily thinking and our actions are consciously dedicated to sustainability. We have a responsibility for our environment and our society. Therefore, our utmost concern is saving resources and ensuring an environmentally responsible production. We are committed to use our facilities in a way that environmental impacts and dangers for the public and nature are avoided.

Awarded products – love for the environment

As a member of UTZ, the world-leading certification programme for coffee and cocoa, we endorse sustainable farming and a sustainable cultivation of raw materials. Our CLASSICO product line has been certified with gold every year. The DLG certification is the basis for the “Landesehrenpreis für Lebensmittel NRW” (National Honour Award for Food NRW), which our CLASSICO products wear with pride. Moreover, this award is an appreciation of our company’s social and environmental commitment.

Regional quality

The Münsterland seal represents our attachment to our home. It stands for a guaranteed origin of our products. These factors benefit our home and are consumerfriendly and environmentally beneficial at the same time. Best products are authentic products with inner values one can trust. Our high quality standards are certified by the IFS Food Standard Certificate of TÜV Süd. Moreover, we are certified as organic by VO EG Nr. 834/2007.